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The Making of a Baker

In the past when I thought of myself the word baker never came to mind. I have spent the last year attempting to “find myself” only to end up more lost now than I was when I began my quest. I began thinking of course I should do something I enjoy. Now anyone who knows me will tell you im not the “homemade” kind of person. I am more of a hamburger helper kinda gal. Then I realize who ever just became an amazing cook over-nite? I doubt that’s how it works. So im thinking to myself that I absolutely love eating sweets, I also love presenting something I am proud of to other people, and of course I want to be my own boss. So now I begin a new quest. Not of finding myself but of finding the baker inside myself. I have decided to document my experiences in this blog. I must say I have never made a homemade cake, I make cookies but they are usually less than extraordinary, and I have no experience making candy of any sort. Well here we go, wish me luck!


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