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Sucess At Last!

    So my first few weeks of baking have not went so well. First I tried making peanut butter cookies. These were simple out of the package add water and eggs and boom! cookies, right? Not. I made two batches, burned the first terribly, the second came out just a little overdone. So my next step was no-bake cookies. These are pretty tough to mess up and I have been making them for quite awhile so they came out perfect. I used an easy recipe using KornFlakes and peanut butter. The Reeses brand seems to be the best. Its got that extra sweet pizazz. As I type this my first sponge cake is in the oven. I am not sure how it will turn out. I chose the sponge cake because it was the only one that did not require milk or butter. Which I currently have neither of due to the blizzard that has my entire town basically closed down. Thanks mother nature! I also chose to make icing out of some frozen strawberries, I hope it turns out deliciously but I am definately not getting my hopes up. I will post the results and if its not too awful a picture of the finished product.

Ok so the sponge cake turned out pretty awesome. I am not a real big fan of sponge cakes in general because they usually lack in flavor which is why I chose the strawberry icing. It was low in suger so its great for my 2 year old to eat and not get all sugar buzzed out! I also love it because it holds together well and we were able to cut it into little cute hearts just in time for V-Day! ❤


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